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Formation Modèle SCOR

19/12/2022 au 20/12/2022Formation Modèle SCOR  


Formation au modèle SCOR 
Le 19 et 20 décembre 2022 - Online


Candidates learn the major process components (Plan,
Source, Make, Deliver, Return and Enable) for managing
and measuring the performance of a global supply chain by
implementing the APICS Supply Chain Operations
Reference (SCOR) model.

Workshop Content

This 2 day workshop has been created to respond to the needs of professionals to the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) framework and implementation body of knowledge.
The course has been specifically designed to provide all types of professionals involved in supply chains with:
•Foundation knowledge of the new version 13 of the SCOR Model framework
(new version is released in September 2022).
•An understanding of how a supply chain performance team would utilize SCOR in an
improvement program.
•A comprehensive outline of the phases of a typical SCOR improvement program.

Completing the SCOR workshop will greatly improve participants’ knowledge and ability to utilize the SCOR framework and body of knowledge as they embark on their own supply chain improvement programs.

Key Learnings

Through classroom discussion and practical, hands
on exercises participants will be able to:
•Understand the origins and goals of the SCOR framework
•Understand the structure of the SCOR sourcebook
•Work with the five central parts of the SCOR framework: Performance, Processes, Practices, People, and Green SCOR
•Develop a SCOR improvement program
•Understand the five phases of a typical SCOR improvement program
•Apply the SCOR framework to an improvement project

By the conclusion of the workshop, participants will acquire practical tools to use as they
embark on a major supply chain improvement program.

Target Audience

This workshop is designed for supply chain professionals working in supply chain
governance, expert or project manager positions (and related functions), seeking to
understand how to apply the SCOR model, how to use and interpret SCOR metrics and how to organize a typical SCOR project.


2022_APICS_SCOR_Seminar_Flyer-Douglas-Kent Douglas J. Kent is the executive vice president of strategy and alliances
at ASCM. Kent has 35+ years of transformational advisory and practitioner
experience with large multi-national organizations. He specializes in
SCOR®-based transformations, supply chain strategy & segmentation,
supply chain planning, enterprise risk optimization and supply chain
visibility. As an APICS certified SCOR master instructor, he has travelled
the globe leading workshops, education and transformational programs.
2022_APICS_SCOR_Seminar_Flyer-Christian-Voyé Christian Voyé is Supply Chain Consultant & Coach. He has been teaching
for PMI and company internal for many years. Christian has 30+ years of
experience in process reengineering, quality and continuous improvement
projects. He is APICS and DDI Instructor, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Lean
Practitioner and Lean Coach. In the past he introduced LEAN processes and
cross functional quality assurance processes including Sales, Technology
and Supply Chain. He also has been responsible for the development,
implementation and improvement of Production Systems.




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