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Conférence de l'ASCM Association for Supply Chain Management

05/04/2022 18:30Conférence de l'ASCM Association for Supply Chain Management    


Conférence de l'ASCM Association for Supply Chain Management
Le 5 avril 2022 de 18h30 à 19h30

Towards Sustainable Supply Chains
Supply Chain Sustainability:  Aspiration or Reality?


Organizations desperately want to fulfill their aspirational mission of driving a responsible supply chain
that operates at the highest level of ethical and ecological standards whilst meeting the economic objectives
of their stakeholders. However, changing the underlying supply chain operating model to achieve this goal is NOT
as easy as it might seem. Un-learning and driving the changes necessary to create this unique balance requires a crisp, clear,
and honest understanding of gaps and vulnerabilities that exist across the enterprise. 
This interactive discussion will illuminate both the challenges and the solutions on how to overcome them!

5 avril 2022 de 18h30 à 19h30
entrée libre
chez notre partenaire Ecole Paris Panthéon 
Maison des sciences de gestion
1 rue guy de la Brosse (Métro Jussieu) - Paris 5e

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Douglas J. KENT is the executive vice president of strategy and alliances at ASCM. He oversees ASCM’s global partners and is responsible for growing and strengthening global strategic alliances.

Kent has over 35 years of transformational advisory and practitioner experience with large multi-national organizations.  He specializes in SCOR®-based transformations, supply chain strategy & segmentation, supply chain planning, enterprise risk optimization and supply chain visibility. As an APICS certified SCOR master instructor, he has traveled the globe leading workshops, education, and transformational programs.

Kent holds a master’s degree in international business from Pepperdine University and a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Indiana University.

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