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Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management : Transformational Performance Improvement (Simon Eagle, KoganPage, 2017). Many manufacturing and distribution companies are moving from the traditional 'forecast push MRP' to demand-driven supply chain management (SCM). Demand-driven SCM is an 'end-to-end' supply chain planning and replenishment process that enables companies to achieve their planned service levels from up to half the average level of inventory and requiring significantly less throughput capacity - irrespective of the level of demand volatility or lead-time length.

Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management is the go-to source for industry supply chain/operations executives and students. It describes, in a readable but rigorous manner, the 'what, how and why' of the demand-driven SCM process. The key themes in the book are: what is demand-driven? why is demand-driven so effective? how to operate a demand-driven supply chain? and how to adopt the demand-driven process in your company? The book has been written in such a way that it doesn't require reading from cover to cover. Readers can quickly grasp the essential concepts from one of numerous self-contained sections that present the book's key concepts from different perspectives.


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Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (Ptak and Smith, Industrial Press, 2016)
In the 1950s, a planning method was conceived called Material Requirements Planning (or MRP). MRP changed the world of manufacturing forever. But times have changed customer tolerance times are much shorter, product variety and complexity has increased, and supply chains have spread around the world. MRP is dramatically failing in this New Normal.   Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) is a practical, proven, and emerging method for supply chain planning and execution that effectively brings the 1950s concept into the modern era. The foundation of DDMRP is based upon the connection between the creation, protection, and acceleration of the flow of relevant materials and information to drive returns on asset performance.


Using an innovative multi-echelon Position, Protect, and Pull methodology, DDMRP helps plan and manage inventories and materials in today s more complex supply scenarios, with attention being paid to ownership, the market, engineering, sales, and the supply base. This method enables a company to decouple forecast error from supply order generation and build in line to actual market requirements, and promotes better and quicker decisions and actions at the planning and execution level. DDMRP is already in use by MAJOR Global 1000 companies. Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning is THE definitive work on DDMRP, and will be required as courseware for all those taking the Demand Driven Planner (DDP) Program.


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Demand Driven Performance Using Smart Metrics (Smith and Smith, McGraw-Hill, 2013)

What if the objective of minimizing unit product cost that is hard coded into all reporting and measurement systems is simply "bad math" that drives decisions and actions that destroy ROI?


In today's volatile, globally competitive environment, new decision-making tools are required to monitor, measure, and improve total organizational performance. Adherence to "old" operational rules, tools, and behaviors is killing competitiveness in most enterprises. A fundamental shift is required. Cowritten by internationally recognized experts in the field, Demand Driven Performance explains why current measurement forms must be replaced. The authors present a demand driven blueprint and the smart metrics to maximize flow and ROI.  This book is the official text book of the Demand Driven Leader (DDL) Program.


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The Missing Links – A Demand Driven Supply Chain Detective Novel (Mondon, Industrial Press, 2016)

This utterly unique how-to supply chain management work is written as mystery to help engage readers. It fills the need for an accessible work on supply chain management skills that helps strengthen, improve, and adapt the management of industries to meet the swiftly changing needs of a global market.


The Missing Links follows a small furniture company whose owner has died under suspicious circumstances, leaving his musician daughter in charge. The business newcomer encounters a multitude of problems–high work-in-progress inventory, unsafe working conditions, conflicts between two in-house factions, longstanding customers beginning to withdraw their business, and increased competition. Can the factory ever be profitable again ?

The work follows the journey of the company to utilize industry standards, including total quality, lean, total productive maintenance, flow management, as well as the newest demand driven methodologies that are changing modern supply chain management. “Clues” dispersed throughout the manuscript point readers in the direction of an affiliated website where they will find 33 appendices of charts, forms, and additional improvement information that can be customized, regardless of size of the company, or industry.


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Le chaînon manquant Management agile de la chaîne logistique en PMI (Mondon, AFNOR, 2012)

L'héroïne de ce roman policier est une entreprise du coeur de la France, qui conçoit et fabrique des meubles en bois et en métal de façon traditionnelle. Frappée par la double disparition de son patron, puis de son responsable de la chaîne logistique, il ne lui reste plus qu'une solution pour survivre : séduire l'héritière pour qu'elle accepte de se préoccuper de son avenir. Dans ce contexte, comment les établissements H. RAMI et son apprentie dirigeante, Héloïse, parviendront-ils à retrouver l'équilibre, alors que des problèmes de qualité et de délai font fuir les clients ? Où le personnel et les fournisseurs trouveront-ils la motivation nécessaire pour établir les partenariats indispensables, face à la concurrence internationale ? L'intrigue conduira tout lecteur qui s'intéresse à l'évolution des métiers de la chaîne logistique à découvrir les indices du chaînon qui manque aux Supply Chains pour en faire les leviers d'une stratégie agile et rentable, dans une perspective humaniste. Les annexes, rédigées par des experts sous forme de fiches pratiques, expliquent simplement comment faire collaborer les fonctions Marketing, Finance, Sécurité, Qualité, Maintenance, Amélioration Continue, Formation et Communication, pour réussir ensemble les projets Lean Supply Chain avec l’approche MRPII.


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LEAN Supply Chain Planning: The New Supply Chain Management Paradigm for Process Industries to Master Today’s VUCA World (Josef Packowski) introduces a new paradigm and a new approach to managing variability, uncertainty, and complexity in today’s planning processes and systems.

Introducing a cutting-edge supply chain management concept that addresses current problems in the process industry's supply chains, the book presents powerful methods developed by leading research institutes, process industry champions, and supply chain experts. It explains how readers can change their approach to the fundamental planning paradigms in a manner that will help their organizations achieve higher levels of responsiveness, improved levels of customer service, and substantial increases in cost-efficiencies.

This holistic practitioner’s guide describes how to establish the right accountabilities for performance management and also provides a set of meaningful metrics to help measure your progress. Supplying detailed guidelines for transforming your supply chain, it includes first-hand reports of leading organizations that have already adopted some of the facets of this paradigm and used the relevant instruments to achieve unprecedented improvements to customer service, supply chain agility, and overall equipment effectiveness.

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